Zapstore: best shopping experience online

Shopping is a basic human need which serves in acquiring things that are needed for optimum chances of survival and existence. Generally, we tend to equate buying stuff with positive emotions. Thus we correlate buying new things with achieving happiness. Actually, the brain’s pleasure center gets activated and floods the brain with dopamine- the feel good chemical, at the very thought of getting something we want.

Making decisions is hard work! And our brains don’t like to work that hard all the time. So, we are more often attracted to simple and easy solutions. This explanation holds true even for our shopping behavior. When we are bombarded with too many choices of products with varying price ranges, we tend to become confused and are not able to decide what to buy. This is the reason, we looked to narrow down our search by relying on advice of friends and relatives traditionally when deciding what to buy. Thus, in conventional mode of shopping, word of mouth is what people relied on most of the time to make purchasing decisions.

In the digital age we live in, we prefer to shop online at the various e-commerce websites available these days owing to the convenience, time saving, comfort, money saving , discount deals and  the variety of products these portals provide. But sometimes we just get overwhelmed with the options available and want to compare the price and quality being offered at the different sites to get the best value for the money we are spending, before finalising our purchase.

Zapstore provides  a perfect solution for this dilemma of ours. It is a one stop shop for all our shopping needs with a social network of users as its main base. These users select products which they find good in all aspects of quality and pricing from different sites like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal etc and add them to their individual stores on zapstore. Other users can select from this list of curated products which they like and get the best deal or they can add their own products as well, by opening their own account on zapstore. Thus consumer gets the option to buy the product at the lowest price available at different online sellers of the product.

The hand picked products offer the best deals as the options are narrowed down from thousands of choices available, as users carefully select the best out of the rest. Now, we can just finalise our purchase from these best ones by comparing prices and features from all stores at one place easily. This is thus a single platform for all the best products online which makes shopping a fun and enjoyable experience by satisfying all the needs of the consumers by just a click of finger.

You can open your own zapstore at this site and add your chosen products and become the #BestZapCurator youself easily. An account can be opened on zapstore very quickly by following the instructions given for guidance. Then one has to select few main categories of products one is interested in purchasing. click the save option once you have chosen the categories. An update box will appear in which you have to copy and paste the url links from other e-commerce sites from where you have selected a certain product. Then click the update button. This product is thus added to your individual zapstore. There are bonus points added to user’s account under fulfillment of certain conditions. For more info you can  Check out my zapstore here-

After opening my account, i selected these products which i had been planning to buy :

Capture new 2


  1. Apple iPhone 6: this was available at discounted price of Rs. 38,479 and the features it offers like it’s power efficiency, advanced ios 8 and a large and superior 11.93 cm high definition retina display screen, were the reasons i selected this phone. It ensures high speed and power packed performance with M8 motion co processor, which makes it a great choice to watch videos or play multimedia games. Large amount of data can be stored as it has 16GB internal memory, so no need to constantly shift pictures, videos and data files elsewhere. The 8 megapixel camera is a boon for users like me who love photography but don’t like  taking the cumbersome cameras along . The feature of optical image stabilization technology provided is found in high end cameras, this also results in blur free photographs.
  2. Fostelo Beige PU shoulder bag: it seems a nice, durable product and is completely worth the price  of Rs.594 as it is stylish. This bag can be taken to work daily or can be carried on weekends out with friends. It reflects the latest trend.
  3. Fostelo Brown shoulder bag: this bag is also available at a good bargain price at Rs. 594. It combines rich polyurethane like finishing with fine attention to detail. The bag is made of good quality material and has polycotton linings with inside  zippers and back zipper pocket. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year on manufacturing defects.
  4. Luck Jewelry white alloy kundan necklace set: this is available at a discount of 50% at Rs.3,122. Kundan is an art of making jewelry which was fostered in India by Mughals but it is as popular and cherished today.
  5. Sewad antique gold plated necklace set: this comes at a discount of 40% at  Rs.1,019. It is traditional in design and looks very pretty, chic and classic.
  6. Brand new blackberr  z3: this phone i selected as a gift to my nephew who is looking forward to get his first phone as gift for his good performance in high school exams. This phone has good features available at price of Rs.6192 .
  7. Capture new

Loads of other products and deals are there on zapstore to check out and grab. So, get going and enjoy a wonderful and joyous shopping experience which your wallet will love as well !

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


You need hope to survive in this world!

Life is a blessing and a joy to be lived and experienced to the fullest. But sometimes for an individual, it becomes a burden and he is forced to take the extreme step of suicide. Loss of life is a tragic event in any of its forms.

What are these forces that drive a person to such a pit that he sees killing himself as the only solution to his misery, suffering and pain? These are the forces of betrayal, shame,depression, failure, defeat, heartbreak, helplessness or loneliness.

I came across this novel by Sriram Aiyer – “The story of a suicide” recently. Once i started reading it, i could not keep it down till i had finished it. The story is interesting and narrated in a very unique style with each chapter focusing on different issues faced by the youngsters in our society. It is the story of Sam, Hari, Mani and Charu and how their lives are interconnected through deceit, betrayal, hurt, passion and heart break.


The book vividly captures the pressures these young people face as a result of stereotyping and non acceptance by society. Hari is sexually abused by his own uncle but fails to find any confidante within his family and friend circle which drives him towards frustration, loneliness and despair. The hurt and pain he experiences makes him completely hopeless. A person can face extreme difficulties if he has hope, even if that hope is just an illusion. Lack of support system of any kind is his undoing in life. Even his parents refuse to believe him when he approaches them for support and help. He is warned against hallucinating by his doting dad who later refuses to accept that his son is a gay.

Later Hari finds a friend and partner in Mani, but his trust is soon broken. This episode in particular is quite ironic in the story as Mani himself had reached a point in life because of despair where he decides to end his life. Luckily life gives him a second chance to live. But he himself becomes the cause of despair and reason for a friend’s complete disillusionment with life which forces him towards the doors of no return-suicide.

The book can be read here

Many shades and stages of lust, passion and love as experienced by Sam and Charu are well portrayed. Ego of a person can drive him to even hurt and harm the person he once confessed to truly love. Sam resorts to snooping on Charu by implanting a software Jarvis in her devices to record her activities, but this act of his had far reaching effects which he had not expected in his wildest dreams.

The lines which i found had a deep meaning and were profound are mentioned below-

“When a person loves another to fill a void, then the relationship is doomed for failure. It is born out of fear, insecurity and low self-esteem. And this is common among men and women. But the way both of them handle that during and after break up may be different.”

Saar, this is my son Manivannan. I am a labourer in a brick kiln from Devarapalayam in Dharmapuri. I have never been to a school saar, but my son is very intelligent. His school head master told me that he has scored big marks. I am very happy. He is my only hope saar. My husband ran away with another woman, when Mani’s brother was just two months old. My Mani will become a very big man and a collector one day. I am confident. Saar, will you take care of my son?” Alex remembered this scene distinctly.


This book by the author is a strong and very timely initiative to bring into focus the lacunae in our society and its detrimental effects on sensitive individuals. After each chapter in the book,  a guidance column on’  how to cope ‘ on different topics like heartbreak, loneliness, betrayal, sexual abuse, harassment and bullying are given in detail. One can find great suggestions and course of action to follow in times of despair. link is –

To be strong and cope with the hardships in life, one should strive to develop inner strength. Instead of looking for happiness outside, get in touch with your inner self and achieve true contentment. Keep your expectations low as when these don’t get fulfilled, the hurt caused is immense. Be your own true friend and practice self love. Accept yourself completely and stop looking for approval from others. Learn to move on , let go and forget. You cannot move forward in life if you are buried under the burden of past mistakes and regrets. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help from family, friends or professional psychologists. You don’t have to suffer in silence while fighting the external or internal demons.

I would recommend this book for reading to everyone as it carries pearls of immense wisdom and learning. Let us strive to the best of our capabilities to bring this topic into focus and discuss solutions to stop suicides at all costs. Its high time society and we, as integral parts of this society learn to let go of the age old prejudices and stop judging and stereotyping people. Everyone deserves freedom of choice and right to live peacefully.

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Treasure Hunt

This weekend, when we went grocery shopping, I was surprised to see my son spending lot of time in front of the toothpaste section of the supermarket and closely checking out their brands and packs. When I asked him, what was he searching for, he told me about the Colgate toothpaste packs which have magical sea world printed inside. He had seen the ads about these packs on television and wanted the toothpaste.

I picked a pack for him from the upper shelf. He was super-excited and eager to cut out the intricate little figurines printed on the inner side of the pack at the earliest.

He got to work as soon as we reached home, cutting out the boxes and arranging the sea creatures carefully on a board. I must confess, the figurines were really fascinating and even I was transported to the fairyland of childhood for a while. I relived those moments of innocent wonders and imagination again with him by  pitching in to help him with cutting the print outs of pirates, sea-creatures, and under-water castle.

It was such a pleasure to watch him completely engrossed in the fun activity, almost lost in the sweet world of dreams, spending his leisure time in a creative and constructive activity away from the screen and gadgets.

My son has always been fascinated with sea and the wonders that lie hidden within it. Along with cutting and arranging the figurines, he was also weaving a story about the magical sea world in the imaginary world of his brain. I realized this soon, as i was treated to a fascinating story, which i am sharing here with you-


Magical sea world cut outs


“Hey! Try to keep the ship steady” Blackbeard, the pirate shouted.

“I am trying my best” shrieked back Sadie, his assistant and co passenger on the ship.

Just then another huge wave came crashing into the ship, almost toppling it over and the duo fall into the water. Their ship started sinking rapidly into the deep sea.

Blackbeard and Sadie try to keep themselves afloat but are soon knocked out by sheer physical drain. Next morning, they wash up on an island and realize the real situation when they are woken up by the bright sunlight.

Actually, Blackbeard and Sadie had been sailing the seas since several months searching for a big treasure hidden at a secret location in the sea. On the way, a storm struck their ship.

When Blackbeard and Sadie looked around, they noticed that the island was deserted and there was no one to help them. For some time, they sat dejected and utterly frustrated. Then, as the sun was setting on the horizon, Sadie decided to search around for something to eat for dinner before it got completely dark.

Soon, she found a coconut tree which had several fresh green coconuts hanging on it. She picked up a big bamboo from a groove nearby and hit it at one of the big coconuts which immediately fell on the sand below.

As Sadie bent down to pick it up, she noticed something shimmering in the sand. On removing the top layer of the sand from the spot where the heavy coconut had fallen and created a small depression, she discovered a shiny brass box.

She hurriedly picked it up and went back to where Blackbeard was still lost in his depressing thoughts of impending doom.

“Look ! what i found” squealed Sadie as she handed over the brass box to Blackbeard.


Blackbeard quickly opened the box and was completely astonished. There was a wonderful surprise for him inside. It was a treasure map which was neatly folded and kept in the box.


“Sadie! This is the map we have been searching for!” exclaimed Blackbeard.

“Are you looking for the treasure hidden in the underwater castle?” a strange voice spoke behind them.

“What?” Blackbeard looked up towards the voice, completely surprised.

“I’m Hari!” said the parrot which was perched on the top branch of the palm tree just behind where they were standing. I had been guarding the map inside the box since long but as  you have  luckily found the box, i will help you find that treasure.

So, next day, Blackbeard and Sadie followed the parrot, who led them to the opposite side of the island. There, the parrot called his friend Rudy-the crab and stated discussing something with him. Rudy, later called the other sea creatures- the lion fish, the sea horse, the dolphin, octopus, star fish, sword fish, and many more.

After a while, Hari flew towards Blackbeard and Sadie.

“My fellow mates have only one condition to support you in getting the treasure; and that is, you must give each of them their rightful share of the treasure after you retrieve it” Hari told the duo.

“Okay, i agree!” said Blackbeard, his face gleaming with joy and determination.

“Hello! there is a boat hidden right there, if you want to start right now” said the crab, pointing towards the mangroves.




Blackbeard and Sadie immediately take the boat and start their journey, with the parrot guiding them towards the underwater castle for some distance.

“From here my friend Oru- the octopus will guide you underwater and help you carry the treasure back.” Hari told Blackbeard after they had covered half the route on the boat. Now, they would have to swim underwater to reach the castle.

Blackbeard and Sadie followed Oru, swimming with full strength and soon reached the underwater castle. They are overjoyed to find the huge treasure inside the castle which they had been searching for years. Blackbeard divides the treasure equally amongst all the sea creatures, Sadie and himself. He thanks them all for their help.

With this, my son ended his interesting story. I was really amazed by his imagination skills. Thanks to the new Colgate strong teeth packs, i was able to witness a new facet of my son’s personality which i’ll try my best to nurture and polish further.

There are four packs in all of this colgate toothpaste with different themes, which have sea creatures printed on the inner side along with information about these creatures- the coral reef, sea magic, treasure hunt and pirate ship.

This activity is a fantastic way of unlocking your child’s imagination and unleashing their creativity.They learn wonderful facts along with playing. Not to forget, that the mundane chore of brushing teeth, twice a  day becomes more fun for kids when their toothpaste pack is so interesting.

Next day, my son decided to test my knowledge about sea creatures by taking a small quiz. He prepared the quiz from the info he had collected from the colgate packs.


  1. Why are Lion fish dangerous?
  2. How does Puffer fish defend itself?
  3. What is the name of largest member of dolphin family?
  4. What is uncommon about the way crabs walk?
  5. How many hearts does an octopus have?
  6. What are mermaids and pirates?
  7. How does sting ray defend itself?
  8. What are groups that dolphins live in called?

Now, don’t you think this is real infotainment!

You can find the answers to the above questions and many more like these on the inner side of the packs,  so get going and grab the new colgate strong teeth toothpaste which helps not just in fighting against germs and gum diseases but also spark the kids’ imagination towards unrestricted flights of fantasy.

Unlock little imaginations with Colgate’s magical sea world!

Easier and faster way to file income tax !

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax”  ~Albert Einstein

This bang on assessment on income tax by Einstein was made decades ago; but it still holds true. For majority of us, the mere mention of the word ‘tax’ is enough to trigger a headache and an avalanche of stress.

According to wikipedia, a tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer by a state to fund various public expenditures.

Purpose of tax is to raise  revenue to fund government to carry out expenses on economic infrastructure, military, scientific research, public work like construction of roads and bridges, public utilities like maintaining of law and order and operation of government itself. Tax is also the main source of government revenue needed for developmental and welfare programs like free education and mid day meal schemes for poor and assured employment plans.

Thus income tax filing is an important duty of all the citizens who come in the tax paying category. It is our duty towards our nation. The importance of income tax can not be emphasized enough as it is the powerful force which drives the economic growth of the nation and helps in creating more jobs which is the urgent need right now for youth of India. It is also a barometer for progress of a country as rising income tax shows a corresponding growth in income.

Still, only about 4% of the population pays taxes, according to the income tax department records. Some factors to be considered here are- that 60% of the population is excluded as they are into agriculture. Out of the remaining, certain percentage of the citizens doesn’t fall into the tax bracket. Also, a large percentage of those who fall in taxable bracket, don’t pay their taxes regularly or timely. Some deem it as an unnecessary, unimportant, time consuming burden. All this results in tax base remaining low in our country, resulting in lack of revenues for the authorities.

Thus, it is necessary for those who come in tax paying bracket to do their duty by filing tax returns regularly and timely and also encourage others in their family and friend circle to do the same. This way the tax base can be increased which will be advantageous to the nation as a whole.

Also, our job does not end at just paying the taxes, filing returns is an equally important activity so that details of all income sources including salary, interest rent earned etc can be specified and appropriately taxed.


Some personal benefits of filing income tax return are:

  1. It is highly useful in your financial life. It comes handy for sanctions of loans be it for your dream house, vehicle or higher education.
  2. Opening bank account, trading in stocks or making any other investment becomes easy for you if you have income tax return statement.
  3. It can be used as your standard income proof.
  4. It becomes easy to obtain a visa for foreign travel as most countries want to cross check if you are financially sound before granting visa. In such cases, income tax return can effectively prove your financial worth and sound status.
  5. Financial portfolio planning becomes easy, which can lead to maximized returns.
  6. There are good chances of getting a refund of extra tax paid by you if you file the ITR.


Income tax department of India has taken several measures to make the process of tax filing easy, quick and hassle free by adopting informational technology. ITR can be easily filed online by registering on the income tax India website from anywhere, anytime. Several services have recently been upgraded and a user friendly grievance mechanism has been put in place for the benefit of tax payers.


E-filing of income tax return is the best option as it is:

  1. Faster and easier-It is very simple, convenient and quick to file ITR online. E-filing transfers your tax return documents instantaneously to income tax department. It gets filed in timely manner without any undue hurry when the deadline approaches. It is completely DIY (do it yourself) with easy steps to follow and it can be done from anywhere at your convenient time through your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. It is non time consuming– you don’t need to travel long distances in heavy traffic to tax offices or your financial advises’s office. There is no need to stand in long queues . If you submit your tax return online on regular basis, the statement comes pre-filled with earlier information like salary details, investments, fixed revenue sources. You can then file it with a few clicks in a couple of minutes, thus saving lot of valuable time.
  3. It is secure and completely confidential- the information is guarded through high grade encryption system. There is no chance of the important tax documents getting misplaced, lost or forgotten unlike the traditional paper based system.
  4. E-filing is cost effective and free – you don’t need to pay heavy fees to get your documents prepared and submitted by professionals.
  5. It is more accurate– the online site is always accessible from anywhere. You can check your information and make changes as many times as you want before final submission. You can double check the details like PAN number, bank account numbers and address. So, there is almost no chance of wrong info related to name, income, address etc.
  6. Tax estimation can be calculated easily and accurately – taxable income, tax dues can be easily calculated. You can thus find optimum plans to maximize deductions which will lower your taxable income by great margin, which puts you into a lower tax bracket, helping you save a big amount.
  7. Tax refund of excess tax is fast and completely hassle free- you can get tax refund directly into your bank account, often within a month if you file tax return online.
  8. You can view your tax credit and file it online from any part of the world at your convenient time. You can even track the processing status in real time.





Some documents to keep handy while e-filing your tax return:

  1. Form 16- This is your tax credit statement as well as your salary certificate. It has two parts- part A (contains TDS details from your salary )and part B( contains salary details like allowances, basic salary, deductions under chapter vi A etc.) You can upload your form 16 directly or fill it manually making sure you don’t miss out on any info.
  2. Tax credit statement 26 A – Form 26 A contains details of -tax deducted from tax payers income,tax collected,advance tax etc.
  3. Investment details- details of ASF, NSC, ULIP, UTI, PPF, Equity saving schemes, ELSS etc.
  4. Interest income details- interest earned on saving bank account, PPF account, FD etc.
  5. Medical or life insurance details-The premium you pay for these are allowed as deduction from your income.
  6. Bank account details- It is compulsory to mention all your active bank accounts as on date of e-filing the tax return. Details like account number, IFSC of your bank branch and type of account should be provided.

Over all, e-filing is not a difficult task, but if you need assistance in filing your tax return electronically, there are tax-expert platforms like H&R Block to help you. They have experienced and expert professionals on their panel who can guide you at each step and are available on chat to solve all your queries. H&R Block – the largest tax filer in the world which has  the experience of serving 2.5 crore clients worldwide, has tied up with 300+ corporates in India and e-filed more than 3 lakh returns with customer score of 9/10.

Their in depth knowledge is also  a great advantage to individuals with capital gains, dual taxation, ESOP workings, global income,sale of foreign shares, and many similar complicated issues. They also provide year long access to your adviser, your account page and documents that help in planning taxes in better way with guarantee of accuracy and confidentiality.

So, let us all take a #taxpledge to regularly and timely file our income tax returns. Hope this initiative by blogadda and H&R Block truly acts as a wake up call for everyone and we all take a much needed step forward in becoming worthy citizens of our great nation.

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I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Profoundness of Silence is Necessary !

It’s strange but true that in spite of so many sounds and words, silence is considered ultimate. Silence and peace is needed to communicate with your own self. When we dwell deeper in silence, we can listen to our inner guide and follow it. Thus find solutions to many recurring dilemmas and get motivated to tackle them.

When you learn to read the silence, you will discover beautiful patterns that speak louder than any words written or said aloud”            ~S.L. Alder

When we practice silence consciously, we get attuned to higher vibrations. This restores and multiplies our energy levels. Silence is the awareness of constant moment of ” vibrant present”, not based on past and future. It is coming back home into yourSELF , which lies within. SELF gets purified by silence (maun).

Silence is not Empty, it can provide umpteen answers which we fail to grasp in the endless noise around. It is passive communication.

Silence is the timeless state through which one can understand one’s own eternal truth and find infinite bliss.

Silence is the discovery of your own existence !

How Can Yoga Help In Transforming Your Life ?

The word ‘yoga’ means ‘to add’, ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. Yoga is a practical aid involving controlled breathing, prescribed body postures and meditations. It originated in ancient India. It has been practiced for thousands of years. The development of yoga started almost 5000 years ago.

The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest available text- the Rig Veda.The vedas were ancient texts containing rituals and mantras to be used by Vedic priests. Over the years yoga has evolved into its modern version. It does not belong to practices of  any particular religion or sect, but is a way of life.

Traditionally yoga was developed and practiced to clear one’s mind and make body flexible, in order to allow the practitioner to sit and meditate without worrying about the stiff back or clogged thought process.

Yoga is not just about the physical exercises like the postures and asanas. There are many more aspects to it. It also involves breathing techniques and meditation which have tremendous  positive effects at the mental and emotional levels. It is a completely natural and  holistic way to achieve optimum health.

Some of the aspects of yoga are:

  1. Balancing of physical body leads to balancing of emotions also.
  2. Forward bending postures develop understanding and flexibility to situations and people.
  3. Backward bending poses help in developing strength and courage to face the setbacks in life.
  4. Twisting exercises help by aiding in releasing all fears and inhibitions that block your progress.
  5. Pranayama increase the mental stamina.


Yoga has been developed into various forms differing on the benefits they provide and main techniques that are focused in that particular form. Some forms like Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga, Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Power yoga have gained lot of popularity over the years due to the illness controlling and treatment solutions they provide.

Even in its modern avatar yoga helps in achieving all round fitness and total personality development. It is a life style to integrate one’s body, soul and mind.

Some of the benefits of yoga are:

*Holistic package for complete fitness and health: yoga helps with pranayam(breathing techniques), meditation and physical poses, thus covering all aspects of health.

*Stress relief: yoga is a stress buster. It helps to dissolve tensions stored in the body and mind. It focuses on living in the present, without worrying about the future or thinking about the past. Yoga makes the mind calm and peaceful.

*Weight loss: There are several postures like sun salutations( surya namaskar) and breathing technique like kapalbhati pranayam that help in loosing extra weight.

*Improved immunity: yogic exercises help in building core strength and stamina, and reduced tension leads to increased protection against illnesses.

*Increased happiness and awareness levels: increased peace of mind results in higher satisfaction levels leading to more happiness. One hour of yoga  a day will make rest of the 23 hours happier. Living in the present moment leads to living with more outside and inside awareness, connecting with your inner self at deeper level.

*Increased energy: In yoga, body is stretched with every posture you perform, leading to muscle increase and higher levels of energy all through the day. Few minutes of regular yoga keep you fresh all day long.

*Better flexibility and posture: Regular practice of yoga tones the muscles and also makes them strong leading to improved flexibility of the whole body .This also leads to  a better posture when you stand, sit or walk.

*Better intuition:meditations increase concentration levels and focus. the intuitive abilities of the practitioner are also significantly enhanced.

On the occasion of international yoga day today, Let us embark on this journey of self, to the self through the self with yoga as a positive aid.

Let us include it in our lifestyle, follow it with sincerity and dedication by:

  1. Fixing a goal to practice it regularly and continuously.
  2. Choosing a proper time slot and sticking to it.
  3. Keep yourself constantly motivated. This can also be done by selecting a yoga Companion to do yoga with or doing it in a group.


Yoga transcends culture, age or religion and promotes overall unity.


“The highest form of yoga is called Raja Yoga- The king of yogas. So, to have a very deeply, orderly, moral, ethical life, not just merely performing various postures but to lead a very disciplined life, that was the real meaning of the highest form of yoga.” ~ J. Krishna Murti.




The Capacity To Be Alone Is The Capacity To Love!

“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love! It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It’s an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person without possessing  the other,without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be happy as much as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken away by the other, because it is not given by the other.”



To let this existential truth manifest in our lives, we need to have good connection with our inner self first, only then can one truly connect with others at the core level. This helps in building a solid foundation.

Try to understand yourself at all levels and discover your true inner self. Other’s view about you are just assumptions. No one knows you more than you yourself. Take time to get to know your subconscious self and decipher it. This can be achieved through constant awareness and deep meditation.

Who is the real ‘you’ behind yourself,Try to know this!

And then only can you Rebuild a bridge to that reality that resides deep within you, which gets hidden due to the constant suppression by negative thinking , stress and worrying.


The desire for connection with the Divine and our formless inner self is at the foundation of all desire for human connection.”    

                                                                                                  ~Donna Goddard


What are your views? Do share them in the comment section below !