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Beautiful Journey Towards Motherhood !


“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new”~Osho


One of the happiest moment of my life was when I got the confirmation of my pregnancy. That moment is truly memorable. Pregnancy is a unique and life-altering journey. It brings along immense joy and excitement. It is the beginning of a beautiful journey that lasts a life-time.


For me, it was a time of transition, growth and profound awakening. I developed new perspectives and started seeing things and situations in new light with a totally different viewpoint. I could feel a new sense of responsibility.

“That first pregnancy is like a long sea journey to a country where you don’t know the language, where land is in sight for such a long time that after a while it is just the horizon- and then one day, birds wheel over that dark shape and it is suddenly close, and all you can do is hope like hell that you’ve had the right shots.”~Emily Perkins


The preparations for having a healthy baby starts long before one gets the confirmation of pregnancy. The best approach to follow is a natural and holistic lifestyle. One should avoid smoking and drinking in order to keep the body healthy and fit.


After I got the confirmation of pregnancy, although I was ecstatic and anxious at the same time, the first question that cropped up in my mental arena was “When will the baby arrive in my hands to cuddle and to love?” I wanted THAT moment to arrive at the earliest.


As the news reached my near and dear ones, I was bombarded with lots of do’s and don’t’s from all corners. Based on that advice I decided to take proper rest, care and caution. I went for the regular antenatal check ups and diligently followed my gynae’s instructions related to vitamins, diet and exercise.


Proper diet and nutrition is of utmost importance for a would-be mother. This is necessary for the proper development of the fetus. Doctors often suggest special pregnancy diets with supplements and added vitamins. It was a really challenging time, as I had to alter most of my habits and routines keeping in mind the well-being of my baby.



But I could overcome all the challenges with the unflinching support and loving care of my loved ones, specially my hubby. I was continuously pampered with different varieties of food preparations and all sorts of comforts were taken care of. But the constant feeling of nausea hardly allowed me to consume anything for the first couple of months.


The neighbours would turn up with new, healthy dishes, hoping that i would somehow overcome the nausea and relish eating their preparations. It was a big help. The family atmosphere was kept happy and cheerful so that I did not become stressed or worried at all.


The first trimester was a mixed bag- with the euphoria of knowing that i will soon be a mom, mixed with uneasiness of constant nausea and crippling morning sickness. It was a tough period. Due to hormonal change s almost the whole body got affected in some way or the other. It underwent several changes. These were very overwhelming initially.


More over, extreme tiredness, mood swings, heartburn, completely altered my behavior. Strange craving for ice-cream at midnight and even stranger dislike for certain other things like incense, perfume, etc. were crazy. Hubby dear was on the receiving end because of all these anomalies.


Maintaining an active routine helped me a lot and i remained sane. By being active, the blood supply to the fetus remains optimum.

Luckily these conditions, started disappearing somewhere around the 2nd trimester. As the pregnancy progressed, I started feeling much better and more relaxed. The initial discomforts settled down.


The second trimester was easier than the first one. The nausea and tiredness were negligible and very rare. But a lot of physical changes started happening in the body like stretchmarks- on abdomen, thighs, lower back, swelling of ankles etc. I felt a little conscious and inhibited. Initially amazed how fat how widely my body was undergoing changes but soon I accepted my new body image.


The beautiful thought of my baby growing inside my body made me accept the changes wholeheartedly. This small compromise was nothing compared to the amazing gift my body was about to bestow upon me and my dear ones in the form of my baby.


There are multitude of remedies available nowadays for stretch-marks, in the form of vitamin- e creams and bio oil. With the proper application all through my pregnancy, I was able to counter this problem to a great extent.One can be a yummy mummy according to one’s wishes.

The moment when I first felt my baby move inside me is beyond any explanation and expression. It was like epiphany, the most profound expression of creation possible in the physical realm. I couldn’t stop thanking God again and again for making me a part of his team for Divine Creation. I felt totally humbled and was in immense gratitude for getting this amazing opportunity.


It is a magnificent feeling to realize that you are carrying life within you; that you carry the future of mankind inside.

Now I could hardly wait to hold my baby in my arms. All family members were also waiting with lots of anticipation and with prayers on their lips for the baby to arrive.

“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.”

Soon the day arrived when my darling angel son was placed in my arms and I proudly wore the crown of motherhood.


“Babies are bits of star dust blown from the hand of God. Lucky is the woman who knows the pangs of birth for she has held a star”~ Larry Barreto.


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Three Day Quote Challenge-Day 1


Hi friends !

Quotes are like mini books. A few lines convey lot of information and sometimes it is very profound. They are easy to remember and hence follow.I am looking forward to posting quotes and nominating bloggers for this activity.

I sincerely thank Stella from giggles and tales for nominating me !




This quote means that one who has no values to stand for can fall for anything. This is so true. I have always believed in this. i have come across several instances in my life where the correctness of this saying was proved beyond doubt.

Our integrity is the most important aspect of our life. It is almost like a foundation,upon which the structure of our life is built. If we can stand true to our values, we can be true to our inner selves. We should stand strong for what we believe in. This helps in building strength of character.




The Rules Are:

  1.  Post three consecutive days.
  2.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.  Challenge three different bloggers per day.


My day 1 nominees are:

i m a bloggertoo


small town girl


Dear nominated bloggers- i hope you will take up and enjoy this activity.

Have fun and happy blogging 🙂




From Despair to Hope- An Insightful Experience

It was the first day of the last month of the year 2015. The sky was heavily cast; it had been raining intermittently over the past few weeks. The previous month had seen 17 days straight of rain much more than the normal. No one in Chennai was in a mood to welcome anymore rains.


The sun seemed to be trapped behind the strong shadows of heavily laden clouds ever trying to break free and smile with its sunshine.

The rain which had started as a drizzle in the morning hours soon turned into a heavy downpour, gaining more vigour by each passing hour. By afternoon, the constant rain had caused water-logging on most roads and parts of the city. Unprecedented rain brought the city to a halt. Evening saw the rain literally crashing down from the skies with unforeseen rage and fury.


The rain that started on December 1 continued till December 2. By midnight land in more than 4km radius around the Adyar River, which flows through the heart of Chennai had got submerged under water. The situation was similar in most other parts of the city, especially near the overflowing lakes, ponds, and rivulets. The excessive rain caught many unaware, asleep and helpless. It became a struggle to stay afloat and safe.


Power and communication networks were down as most power stations were inundated with water. The only sources of information were the humble radio sets. Rain had broken 100 years record in those 24 hours. It was a dreadful night. Sound of raindrops had always been very soothing and calming to me, but the rain that night may have permanently ruined it for me. After the non-stop 24 hours, sound of the rain which was always musical for me, felt like harsh lashes on my eardrums. I had never seen rain in such a furious form. It was no doubt nature in one of its angriest moods.


Thousands of people were stranded, flights and trains were cancelled, streets were water-logged, flooded hospitals had to be evacuated, many lost all their belongings and had to move to temporary shelters. The destruction around was scary, painful and demoralizing. Normal life as we know it was totally thrown out of gear – No power, communication, drinking water, milk, food, fuel supply, lives lost, homes flooded, people stranded. Some had to gather themselves on the rooftops to save themselves from the raging water below.

There was a sense of gloom and despair all around brought about by nature’s fury. The rain darkened not only the city of Chennai, but also the hopes of its people.


But soon, the helplessness and despair gave way to courage and determination.

On the brighter side, nature’s most furious form brought the most humane side of Chennaites to the fore. People came together in most commendable ways- the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, rich, poor, north or south Indian all came together to help their fellow beings. The citizens rose like a phoenix from the ashes (here, water) to face the challenge.


Instead of waiting for outside help from administration or other sources and wasting critical time, almost everyone started doing their individual share by providing shelter, food, water, clothes, and medicines to neighbours, even strangers to save lives. Everyone worked with single-minded vision to help and rescue those who were suffering and needed help. The volunteers worked hard to reach those in need. The emotion of selfless service and compassion kept them moving in-spite of the bruises, cuts and swollen feet caused by being in stagnated dirty water for 18-20 hours. The youth of the city came out in large numbers to help; they risked their own lives to fulfill the call of their conscience.


All boundaries of religion, caste, wealth, or language were broken by the spirit of humanity. People were offered shelter and food in temples, mosques, and churches without any discrimination or bias. Regular people offered food and shelter to strangers they had never known before the calamity.

I can recount one such incident myself.

When we had only a litre of drinking water left, a neighbourhood grocer who had already run out of stock somehow managed to procure a can of water and provided it to us at 10pm in night, that too at the normal cost. He was not bound by any duty except humanity. He did not discriminate in helping even though we were North Indians or did not speak his language.


As a society, Chennaites came together and stood united to face the worst rains of the century. People who had networks helped others by contacting rescue teams and mass mobilizing relief efforts through social media groups. Relief camps saw common people in huge numbers coming out to volunteer for any help; forgetting and overcoming their own struggles, loss and misery.


It was the common unknown citizens who turned out to be the real heroes because they were able to overcome adversities and show courage. Their helping and self less ‘never-say-die’ spirit needs to be saluted.


The overriding all – encompassing emotion was of brotherhood and oneness of all, desire to help fellow brethren. The Only incentive was contentment and satisfaction in their hearts. At the end of the day, we are all humans with the inherent goodness in each one of us.

Some great stories of courage, humanity, selflessness and altruism were presented before the world during these times, which will forever keep us encouraging and give us hope in the coming future.

In today’s world, when we more often hear the stories of hate, violence, intolerance, greed, this display of generosity and compassion is highly reassuring and worth emulating for everyone.


Personally, this was a learning and very inspiring experience for me. Few of the practical lessons I will always remember from 2015 are:

1] To be resilient, adaptive, brave and face all struggles and challenges in life with courage and determination. My confidence to fight adversities has increased by learning from these brave hearts.

2] My hope for a better world has amplified. All is not gloomy. There still are good souls around us who care and have empathy for others. Let us all strive to encourage and increase this tribe.

3] My trust in fellow humans in my city increased manifold, thus helping to enhance the sense of safety and security I feel here. There is an assurance that I am surrounded by some good humans who will help if the need arises and not remain mute spectators. This also encourages me to do whatever I can for the benefit of the society.

4] To be optimistic. Even in the most difficult circumstances, one should not let negative thinking shatter one’s confidence and hope, leading to impaired judgement. In such times, keep yourself occupied in some constructive activity. Negative thoughts overpower us when our mind is vacant. You can overcome all difficulties and emerge victorious in life. Never give up hope. You can do it!

5] Respect nature. No one can mess with nature. We have to replan the infrastructure and stop the illegal construction which is wrecking havoc on natural water bodies. We all have to learn to live in harmony with nature. It is now not a matter of choice but urgent need and the only way ahead.

6] Not to have any sense of false pride or conceit. In front of Mother Nature’s fury, all were equally helpless. All the material possession or luxuries can’t give any true happiness and contentment compared to the satisfaction received by helping others. We should strive to remain connected with our inner core which carries the inherent goodness called the ‘divine spark’ in spiritual parlance, because what ultimately helped us to surmount all difficulties and overcome the devastating event were the collective basic human values.

I look forward to 2016 with renewed trust and hope for a better world where we all can co-exist peacefully in harmony with nature.

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Useful Tips To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy And Safe !

Look who’s talking??

(A baby advising his mom)


Hi ! Mommy,as you already know it’s been only a few weeks since I have arrived and I am still trying to adjust to this outside world.It is so different from the comfortable,safe and quiet environment  I was in for nine months.

There is too much noise and light.It seems so strange and weird at times.But I am slowly learning to adjust and to enjoy it all.

I really love it when you smile at me with so much love in your eyes and the way you care for all my little or not so little needs-be it food ,sleep,clothing even at the most unearthly hours.I can feel how precious  I am to you and how much importance you give to my comfort,safety and happiness.

Mom! I enjoy a lot when you give me a body massage with the lukewarm oil.I am sure you have checked that this oil is safe for babies’ skin and is suitable according to the climate or region.The massage is so soothing .It increases the blood circulation in my body and will thereby help in making me and my bones strong and healthy.The oil makes my skin so smooth and shiny.I also sleep blissfully after a nice massage.

I know you use only natural baby friendly soaps and body washes while giving bath to me.It is even better if they are organic as well.The chemicals in low quality synthetic soaps can be too harsh for my sensitive skin which can cause dryness and itchiness as the chemicals can strip off the natural oils from my skin.These chemicals can be harmful to my body systems if absorbed through my skin,as the skin also acts like a sponge.

Please don’t forget to apply a good quality baby moisturiser to my skin after the bath.This helps to maintain the hydration of the top layer of my skin and thus helps my skin to be soft and glowing.Don’t let me play in water for too long as water can rob off the natural oils off my skin.


Sometimes,when you make me wear new clothes I become very restless and agitated.You too become very anxious and worried on seeing me in such a bad mood.Do you know what troubles me ?It is those clothes that are not comfortable at all as the fabric is not soft and it causes lot of irritation on my skin.Always make sure that the material of my clothes is ultra soft and preferably natural like cotton, as my skin is still so delicate.Wash even the brand new clothes before use.

Use only gentle natural liquid soaps to wash my clothes as the chemical in other detergents can be harmful to my skin.My clothes should always be clean and hygienic to keep disease causing germs at bay and ensure proper skin care and overall good  health.

And mumma,you know what i hate the most?

It is being stranded helplessly in a wet or ill-fitting diaper.The worst part is I cannot even properly communicate my discomfort and uneasiness to you.I can only cry and howl to gain your attention and eagerly hope that you’all understand my misery soon enough and rescue me from the unease.

I know how my screaming drives you mad at times! So please be extra careful and cautious in selecting the correct diaper.


Look for these points while choosing the right diaper:-

a)It  should be made of highly absorbent material so as provide optimum dryness for the longest time.The humid environment can result in skin infections.It should be super soft to feel comfortable enough even when wearing it for long time.

b)The diaper should be of proper shape,designed according to the shape of my body and it should fit me perfectly.The sides of the diaper should be stretchable,thereby providing maximum comfort and be easily wearable.

Too tight diapers which do not fit properly can cause redness and rashes on my skin.This is very uncomfortable and results in me being very cranky.You may find me difficult to handle in such a situation.Mommy you can consult my   pediatrician and apply the rash cream  recommended by the doctor ,to soothe my agitated skin area.

c)Select a diaper which has wetness indicator.This will help you to conveniently notice as soon as the diaper is wet.Thus it can be changed without any delay.This will ensure dryness and proper hygiene to keep skin problems away.

Following the above mentioned tips will make my skin healthy and I will remain a happy and content baby.Hence ensuring your happiness as well !

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