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Datsun Redi-Go

I like visiting new places but I don’t like travelling; that is travelling in a plane, bus or train. I dislike flying and also hate the departure delays, airport lines and crowds at the stations. So, for visiting new places, the only means of transport left for me is my humble car.


I love going on road trips. Road trips provide me the flexibility of visiting a place according to my own time and wish, without the hassles of booking tickets and other inconveniences. I don’t even need to be away from the comforts of my home for too long. And, of course, I have the luxury of driving through the scenic remote areas with eye-catching views where I can sit for hours simply admiring the natural beauty.


Over the years, my car has proved to be a steady companion for me on many of my road trips. But, now as my family and the circle of my friends is growing, I have been looking for a bigger car within my budget. After all, enjoying a road trip with family and like- minded friends, doubles the fun.


So, the announcement of the launch of its latest car Datsun Redi-Go by Nissan has come at a very opportune moment. Redi-Go is India’s first ever urban cross. This new car is a unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback. It has already created quite a buzz in the car market. It is a car with the driving experience of a hatchback along with the ruggedness of a sports utility vehicle (SUV), priced between 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs.


The Redi-Go will compete with the Maruti 800 Alto, Eon from Hyundai motors and the Kwid from Renault India. The company has started pre-launch bookings for Redi-Go since May 1, 2016. Deliveries for the car will start from June 2016.16TDIindrhd_i2W015x


Dimensions of Datsun Redi-Go

Length 3,429 mm
Width 1,560 mm
Wheelbase 2,348 mm
Ground Clearance 185 mm
Turning Radius 4.73 m
Height 1,541 mm
Boot Space 222 litres


I am really excited to take a test drive of this car as I find most of its features really appealing. Specially these three:

1] Value for money:

The company statement mentioned that Redi-Go is powered by a fuel efficient 0.8 L (800 cc) three cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The car is expected to give a mileage of over 25Km per litre. This fuel economy is definitely wallet friendly. The shift indicator is easy to read and it displays the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance. The price of the car easily fits in the budget of middle class households looking for a car in this segment. With all its attractive features, this car is a very good option in this budget.

Price of Datsun Redi-Go in India

Variant Expected price (Ex-Showroom)
D Rs 2.5 Lakh
A Rs 2.70 Lakh
T Rs 3.2 Lakh
T option Rs 3.5 Lakh



2] Spacious and Stylish Interiors:

The tall body structure of the car gives comfortable space for both the front and rear passengers and the cabin looks very spacious. The high driving position and high structure enable the driver to be aware of the real road situation. The dashboard panel is stylish and very user friendly with a digital tachometer.  The drive computer displays the average mileage along with the fuel remaining. With seating for five, along with enough boot space the entire family can enjoy a ride together, very comfortably. The design and fabric of the car seats is of a high-end quality.


3] Superior Air-Conditioning

Air Conditioning of the car is of paramount importance in the scorching Indian summers. The air circulation in Redi-Go’s air conditioner is precisely calculated according to Indian weather conditions. This ensures that passengers inside the car are always comfortably cool, irrespective of the heat outside. Its 89cc compressor provides high cooling capacity. Even the rear seat occupants receive ample cooling through the optimally placed A/C vents. And in  Chennai, which has only two weather conditions throughout the year- hot and hotter, a good A/C system of a car is very significant, useful and appealing feature. The good cooling capacity is a major plus factor in the sultry and humid conditions here, where the A/C of most cars in this price range prove to be almost ineffective on hotter days.



The company has revealed that the car will be available in 5 colors- White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Grey.


The stylish exteriors of Redi-Go which give it a dynamic, sophisticated and premium look are also a great point of attraction for me. The car has features like day-time running LED lights, which were till now available only in high segment cars. The modern looks of the car make it stand out from other cars in this segment.16TDIindrhd_i2W057x


I would love to test the Redi-Go on the East Coast Road (ECR) en-route to Mahabalipuram where I often go on my spur-of-the moment weekend road trips. It is 40 kms from where I stay. I would test it for the comfort and easy maneuverability on the road.


The two unique features which make the car excellent to tackle Indian roads and drive away my driving blues on the city roads are also very important to mention:-


  1. First is the high ground clearance of 185 mm which is the best in this class of car segment. It helps to deal with the low obstacles one often encounters while driving on rough Indian roads.


  1. Second feature is the turning radius of just 4.73 m, which makes it suitable for the city use, where traffic is a perpetual menace. This factor of Datsun Redi-Go will serve as a boon while parking in crammed up spaces and on steep turns.


In my opinion, it is a very good car in this budget which provides complete value for money and is a good option both for those looking for a car in the entry level segment and for those looking for a second bigger car for the whole family to travel together.

With its features, it is the best car to buy for the daily office commute or for other purposes like road trips.


Nissan has 217 outlets in 165 cities, and 300 sales and service outlets by March 2017 are planned as the company understands well that giving good service after selling the car is very important.Datsun_i2_013X.jpg

Prospective customers can also book Redi-Go through snapdeal.com, the online e-commerce platform. Pre-bookings can be done by paying Rs 5000. Datsun has also launched an app called ‘Datsun India App‘ to book the car and keep the interested buyers updated about latest information about the car.


So get ready to drive to your destination in your dream car- Datsun Redi-Go along with your entire family with confidence, enjoying your freedom while having complete fun.


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


Pic credit: Datsun India