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Useful Tips To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy And Safe !

Look who’s talking??

(A baby advising his mom)


Hi ! Mommy,as you already know it’s been only a few weeks since I have arrived and I am still trying to adjust to this outside world.It is so different from the comfortable,safe and quiet environment  I was in for nine months.

There is too much noise and light.It seems so strange and weird at times.But I am slowly learning to adjust and to enjoy it all.

I really love it when you smile at me with so much love in your eyes and the way you care for all my little or not so little needs-be it food ,sleep,clothing even at the most unearthly hours.I can feel how precious  I am to you and how much importance you give to my comfort,safety and happiness.

Mom! I enjoy a lot when you give me a body massage with the lukewarm oil.I am sure you have checked that this oil is safe for babies’ skin and is suitable according to the climate or region.The massage is so soothing .It increases the blood circulation in my body and will thereby help in making me and my bones strong and healthy.The oil makes my skin so smooth and shiny.I also sleep blissfully after a nice massage.

I know you use only natural baby friendly soaps and body washes while giving bath to me.It is even better if they are organic as well.The chemicals in low quality synthetic soaps can be too harsh for my sensitive skin which can cause dryness and itchiness as the chemicals can strip off the natural oils from my skin.These chemicals can be harmful to my body systems if absorbed through my skin,as the skin also acts like a sponge.

Please don’t forget to apply a good quality baby moisturiser to my skin after the bath.This helps to maintain the hydration of the top layer of my skin and thus helps my skin to be soft and glowing.Don’t let me play in water for too long as water can rob off the natural oils off my skin.


Sometimes,when you make me wear new clothes I become very restless and agitated.You too become very anxious and worried on seeing me in such a bad mood.Do you know what troubles me ?It is those clothes that are not comfortable at all as the fabric is not soft and it causes lot of irritation on my skin.Always make sure that the material of my clothes is ultra soft and preferably natural like cotton, as my skin is still so delicate.Wash even the brand new clothes before use.

Use only gentle natural liquid soaps to wash my clothes as the chemical in other detergents can be harmful to my skin.My clothes should always be clean and hygienic to keep disease causing germs at bay and ensure proper skin care and overall good  health.

And mumma,you know what i hate the most?

It is being stranded helplessly in a wet or ill-fitting diaper.The worst part is I cannot even properly communicate my discomfort and uneasiness to you.I can only cry and howl to gain your attention and eagerly hope that you’all understand my misery soon enough and rescue me from the unease.

I know how my screaming drives you mad at times! So please be extra careful and cautious in selecting the correct diaper.


Look for these points while choosing the right diaper:-

a)It  should be made of highly absorbent material so as provide optimum dryness for the longest time.The humid environment can result in skin infections.It should be super soft to feel comfortable enough even when wearing it for long time.

b)The diaper should be of proper shape,designed according to the shape of my body and it should fit me perfectly.The sides of the diaper should be stretchable,thereby providing maximum comfort and be easily wearable.

Too tight diapers which do not fit properly can cause redness and rashes on my skin.This is very uncomfortable and results in me being very cranky.You may find me difficult to handle in such a situation.Mommy you can consult my   pediatrician and apply the rash cream  recommended by the doctor ,to soothe my agitated skin area.

c)Select a diaper which has wetness indicator.This will help you to conveniently notice as soon as the diaper is wet.Thus it can be changed without any delay.This will ensure dryness and proper hygiene to keep skin problems away.

Following the above mentioned tips will make my skin healthy and I will remain a happy and content baby.Hence ensuring your happiness as well !

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Why We Need To Rethink About Bursting Crackers During Celebrations?

Crackers have been used during celebrations in many cultures around the world since time immemorial.In the bygone era,when there were limited resources of entertainment and recreation,the crackers must have brought a sense of novelty and thrill to the people.Those days air pollution was not even an issue.But as times have changed drastically,I feel the crackers have outlived their use in any form.

First and foremost is the concern over increased rate of air pollution in major cities and the deteriorating air quality.Many folks might argue that one night of cracker bursting will hardly have a major impact on levels of pollution.Contrary to this line of thought, research and monitoring has shown that pollutant levels in the air can rise almost tenfold just in one night during festivals like diwali .And the worrying part is that each year the use of crackers has been increasing almost multifold.

Sometimes this increased pollution in the air can be torturous for patients with respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis.Someone’s enjoyment can turn their life into hell as they face constant difficulty in breathing.This has been known to be the cause behind increase in prevalence of these diseases even in small kids and also in general population.

Most of these crackers are manufactured in units in Sivakasi employing kids,thus guilty of  child labor which is illegal and inhuman.The working conditions in these factories are hazardous even for adults.Imagine the plight of suffering kids who work there!

Also when there are immeasurable means of entertainment available to us in this digital age,what is the need to resort to something as unsafe as cracker bursting.Many fire incidents have been known to have occurred as a result of even a minor error.Some of them are small incidents which don’t cause much casualty but some are too disastrous.Even this year,the fire department  reported at least dozens of fire incidents in major cities.In Ludhiana itself there were around thirty such accidents involving fire due to crackers which resulted in great loss of property.

Recently, a warehouse of Goonj in Delhi,an NGO  working to provide clothes and other necessities to the poor and needy was gutted in a fire caused by a fire cracker.This organisation has been working tirelessly and consistently for  the benefit of homeless since many years.The whole lot of blankets,woolens,clothes which had been collected painstakingly to distribute among the homeless and poor during the approaching harsh winter months got burnt completely.The hopes of some respite from cold which the thousands were eagerly waiting for were dashed by one unruly fire cracker. Spare a moment about how the needy will suffer in absence of all this stuff when the chilly winds threaten to crush their bones during winter and rains.

The NGO founder, Anshu Gupta, shared pictures and details of the wreckage on his Facebook page.

Facebook post…


“The fire lasted for 7 hours with 10 fire brigades till 2 am on Diwali night,” the post said.

Gupta expressed his anguish and was critical about the mishap caused by ‘crackers’.

“Tons of material, where we all had put in our days and nights turned into ash !! Nothing much to say.. anger on this insane, menace, vulgarity called crackers,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The damage was also said to have incurred a ‘huge loss of material money and space’ to the organisation.

Those who wish to help can access the Facebook page of goonj and find out the details.

Why Is It Important To Use Natural Beauty Products ?

Beauty is skin deep,as we all know.The methods followed for beauty enhancement and care should therefore be wholesome and harmless,then only will they have a long-lasting and enrichening effect.


As our skin is our largest organ,what products we use on our skin makes a whole lot of difference.The best way to ensure this is avoid chemicals and go natural in our beauty regimen.Top reasons to switch over to natural products are:-

1.) Most of the products in the market contain loads of synthetic chemicals in them,which can cause allergic reaction like redness,spotting,flaking,itching on topical application .In the long run,these chemicals can even lead to the deterioration of skin health and texture causing early aging of skin.


2.) As the skin acts like a sponge,a substantial amount of whatever is applied on the skin is absorbed and reaches the internal systems of the body.The harmful chemicals in the cosmetic products can thus cause adverse effect on the body functions and hamper in its smooth functioning .Long term effects could be certain dangerous diseases as the side effects of chemicals like parabans and minerals.

3.)Latest research shows that lot of skin care and beauty products like soaps,shampoos,lipsticks,eyeliners,face creams etc contain substances which have not been approved by the health regulatory bodies for human use and consumption.Proper continuous research on  these substances for several years can only confirm their safety for humans.Before that is carried out,using these substances is equivalent to taking huge risk with your health and well-being.Screenshot_2015-11-14-00-43-52-1

4.)Natural products are safe and cost effective.These have been used since ages and carry wisdom and real user experience  of several years and centuries.Their effect is also quite noticeable and long lasting.The methods have been altered and changed to impart the most beneficial outcomes for human race.These are easily available and can also be made using ingredients at home ,then why spend on expensive lotions and packs which can be potentially harmful too.

Go natural ! It is better to be safe than sorry.Using natural products is the safest,most effective and pocket friendly way.

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whispering winds


Goa is well known as a tourist destination which is blessed with balmy tropical weather most of the times and the vast palm  lined beaches. But what else is so intriguing about it that the place beckons you again and again for a revisit?

I feel along with the natural beauty what is most endearing about Goa is the happy go lucky and relaxed attitude of general people in the city.There is no rush like the metros…one seems to have ample time to  ‘stand and stare’ and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Attitude is what makes the difference.The constant mad race to leave the competitors behind is not so strongly felt there,  even in these modern times.These aspects make it one of my all time favorite travel destination.















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