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Profoundness of Silence is Necessary !

It’s strange but true that in spite of so many sounds and words, silence is considered ultimate. Silence and peace is needed to communicate with your own self. When we dwell deeper in silence, we can listen to our inner guide and follow it. Thus find solutions to many recurring dilemmas and get motivated to tackle them.

When you learn to read the silence, you will discover beautiful patterns that speak louder than any words written or said aloud”            ~S.L. Alder

When we practice silence consciously, we get attuned to higher vibrations. This restores and multiplies our energy levels. Silence is the awareness of constant moment of ” vibrant present”, not based on past and future. It is coming back home into yourSELF , which lies within. SELF gets purified by silence (maun).

Silence is not Empty, it can provide umpteen answers which we fail to grasp in the endless noise around. It is passive communication.

Silence is the timeless state through which one can understand one’s own eternal truth and find infinite bliss.

Silence is the discovery of your own existence !

How Can Yoga Help In Transforming Your Life ?

The word ‘yoga’ means ‘to add’, ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. Yoga is a practical aid involving controlled breathing, prescribed body postures and meditations. It originated in ancient India. It has been practiced for thousands of years. The development of yoga started almost 5000 years ago.

The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest available text- the Rig Veda.The vedas were ancient texts containing rituals and mantras to be used by Vedic priests. Over the years yoga has evolved into its modern version. It does not belong to practices of  any particular religion or sect, but is a way of life.

Traditionally yoga was developed and practiced to clear one’s mind and make body flexible, in order to allow the practitioner to sit and meditate without worrying about the stiff back or clogged thought process.

Yoga is not just about the physical exercises like the postures and asanas. There are many more aspects to it. It also involves breathing techniques and meditation which have tremendous  positive effects at the mental and emotional levels. It is a completely natural and  holistic way to achieve optimum health.

Some of the aspects of yoga are:

  1. Balancing of physical body leads to balancing of emotions also.
  2. Forward bending postures develop understanding and flexibility to situations and people.
  3. Backward bending poses help in developing strength and courage to face the setbacks in life.
  4. Twisting exercises help by aiding in releasing all fears and inhibitions that block your progress.
  5. Pranayama increase the mental stamina.


Yoga has been developed into various forms differing on the benefits they provide and main techniques that are focused in that particular form. Some forms like Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga, Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Power yoga have gained lot of popularity over the years due to the illness controlling and treatment solutions they provide.

Even in its modern avatar yoga helps in achieving all round fitness and total personality development. It is a life style to integrate one’s body, soul and mind.

Some of the benefits of yoga are:

*Holistic package for complete fitness and health: yoga helps with pranayam(breathing techniques), meditation and physical poses, thus covering all aspects of health.

*Stress relief: yoga is a stress buster. It helps to dissolve tensions stored in the body and mind. It focuses on living in the present, without worrying about the future or thinking about the past. Yoga makes the mind calm and peaceful.

*Weight loss: There are several postures like sun salutations( surya namaskar) and breathing technique like kapalbhati pranayam that help in loosing extra weight.

*Improved immunity: yogic exercises help in building core strength and stamina, and reduced tension leads to increased protection against illnesses.

*Increased happiness and awareness levels: increased peace of mind results in higher satisfaction levels leading to more happiness. One hour of yoga  a day will make rest of the 23 hours happier. Living in the present moment leads to living with more outside and inside awareness, connecting with your inner self at deeper level.

*Increased energy: In yoga, body is stretched with every posture you perform, leading to muscle increase and higher levels of energy all through the day. Few minutes of regular yoga keep you fresh all day long.

*Better flexibility and posture: Regular practice of yoga tones the muscles and also makes them strong leading to improved flexibility of the whole body .This also leads to  a better posture when you stand, sit or walk.

*Better intuition:meditations increase concentration levels and focus. the intuitive abilities of the practitioner are also significantly enhanced.

On the occasion of international yoga day today, Let us embark on this journey of self, to the self through the self with yoga as a positive aid.

Let us include it in our lifestyle, follow it with sincerity and dedication by:

  1. Fixing a goal to practice it regularly and continuously.
  2. Choosing a proper time slot and sticking to it.
  3. Keep yourself constantly motivated. This can also be done by selecting a yoga Companion to do yoga with or doing it in a group.


Yoga transcends culture, age or religion and promotes overall unity.


“The highest form of yoga is called Raja Yoga- The king of yogas. So, to have a very deeply, orderly, moral, ethical life, not just merely performing various postures but to lead a very disciplined life, that was the real meaning of the highest form of yoga.” ~ J. Krishna Murti.




The Capacity To Be Alone Is The Capacity To Love!

“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love! It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It’s an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person without possessing  the other,without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be happy as much as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken away by the other, because it is not given by the other.”



To let this existential truth manifest in our lives, we need to have good connection with our inner self first, only then can one truly connect with others at the core level. This helps in building a solid foundation.

Try to understand yourself at all levels and discover your true inner self. Other’s view about you are just assumptions. No one knows you more than you yourself. Take time to get to know your subconscious self and decipher it. This can be achieved through constant awareness and deep meditation.

Who is the real ‘you’ behind yourself,Try to know this!

And then only can you Rebuild a bridge to that reality that resides deep within you, which gets hidden due to the constant suppression by negative thinking , stress and worrying.


The desire for connection with the Divine and our formless inner self is at the foundation of all desire for human connection.”    

                                                                                                  ~Donna Goddard


What are your views? Do share them in the comment section below !


EKincare App- Your Personal Wellness Manager and EKincare Corporate Wellness Program

* This is not a sponsored post.

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything

~Thomas Curlyle

In matters of health it is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. We all know how true this statement is, and it is always better to take early precautionary measures to avoid health problems. In case, one gets unwell, the chances of getting cured are better when the symptoms of the disease are diagnosed and treated in the initial stages itself.



But in today’s fast paced lives that we live, where our each second counts, we often don’t get the luxury of ample time to focus solely on our health issues. When we notice minor symptoms, we tend to ignore them till we can find free time to go a health professional for consultation.

At that point, the whole cumbersome process of searching for a competent doctor, booking an appointment, retrieving our old medical records from bundles of files tucked away in some unreachable corner starts. After all this hard work, once the old records are found, its a herculean task to carry along these bulky reports to the doctors office.

This unwanted burden increases our stress level further during the times when we are already reeling under the anxiety caused by our health problem. Even to check and compare  one single health parameter, the doctor has to go through several pages in different files. This is time consuming and irritating as well.

In such moments, we often wonder how nice it would be to have an assistant who would take care of all these unnerving tasks for us and we could just concentrate with single-minded focus on getting back to our normal healthy self.

Now, this wish of yours has been fulfilled with the help of information technology. There is eKincare- an app that will happily work as your personal medical assistant. It will effectively bridge the gap between you and your doctor.

EKincare is a fast growing company in the medical field which has been founded by experienced professionals and  has renowned expert doctors on the panel. They have developed the EKincare app which can be downloaded free of cost. This app is available both for IOS and Android devices.

This app will store your health records in a digital format at one place, monitor health parameters constantly and get timely recommendations for health assessment and advice on prevention of ailments.
Here is the list of EKincare features you will find very useful:

Safe storage of personal health records: you get to keep not just your own health records at a single place but also those of your family members. Five family members can be added under a single  user profile. These details can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Easy and simple to use: this app is very user friendly and convenient to use. Just take a picture of your medical records using the eKincare phone app and save on your profile. The records will be analyzed, digitized and stored for your future reference.


Get lab results conveniently: the data from your medical records received from labs is converted into easy to understand color coded summaries, graphs and track-able time lines. With the help of these features, even a layman can understand the why and how of the diseases and take remedial measures. This knowledge also comes in handy while interacting with your doctors.


Faster expert consultations: securely sharing your medical information with a distant expert or a panel of specialists for consultation is extremely easy. In case of emergency, the digitized records can be accessed and shared immediately with several health experts based in any part of the world without wasting precious time. Suggested opinions by the experts are mailed to your registered mail id. The access of records by doctors is revoked after 48 hours to ensure your privacy.


Complete privacy: the medical records are transmitted using 256 bit encryption safety to a highly secure world class data center. You can rest assured that your medical details are in safe hands and remain private even if they are digitized.


Timely reminders: this is a very useful feature which helps to schedule and remind you for immunization, follow ups and updates. You don’t need to be stressed about missing an important medical appointment for self or for any of your family members.

ekincare 2

Discounted health packages: you can get up to 70% discount on several health checks. There is a network of 1500+ partners like Apollo white dental, Thyrocare, Maxivision,  spread all over India, making it very easy to avail the offers provided.


Home sample collection facility: this facility saves lot of time, energy and money for the users.


Blood SOS: In case, there is need for blood transfusion, eKincare provides a strong database of matching blood donors within ten km radius. You can also easily volunteer to donate blood and help others in need.


Hydrocare: Water is our life line. But most often, we forget to consume enough amount of water required to maintain good health. Not anymore ! You now have a personal assistant at your service to constantly remind you to keep drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep yourself safe from many diseases.


Thus eKincare empowers you to take charge of your health by enabling you to monitor critical medical info and identify potential health risks. It also informs and motivates you to take necessary steps towards improving your health.

You can download the eKincare app for free on 


EKincare Corporate Wellness Program:

EKincare  is a pioneer in corporate wellness in India offering workplace and corporate health programs with commitment to deliver high quality care for their employees. It helps to keep the work force healthy and productive.

After all, workforce is the backbone of any organisation and healthy employees are the greatest asset any company can have. Unhealthy employees greatly add to the loss for the company in terms of quality and quantity of work they are able to deliver.

Health, happiness and productivity are closely linked. Surveys have shown employees who are healthy are more likely to be engaged and satisfied in their work, thereby also increasing their work productivity and efficiency levels, which ultimately results into more profits for the whole company. So, the saying ‘health is wealth’ is true not just for an individual but also for the organisation as a whole.

Now, the question that arises is-

What are you doing as an employer to ensure the good health of your workers?

Here  eKincare can be a great aid by providing a wellness platform that integrates medical records, healthcare services and leverages predictive analytics to design wellness initiatives and reduce healthcare cost.

Technology + Analytics = Good Health

EKincare’s personalized platform provides employees an ability to assess, track and stay informed about their health using proprietary algorithms.

A good wellness program is one that can be measured. To ensure this, eKincare helps the company with :-

  • Appropriate wellness strategy.
  • Key performance metrics to measure it at the population and individual level.
  • Continuous wellness trends.


To promote wellness among your workers and to keep them happy, a sustainable approach should be followed. Being healthy should be a norm that every employee of the company embraces and is able to avail of.


Are you ready to assess your current wellness plans and understand how eKincare can maximize Return on Investment out of your wellness budget?

EKincare corporate wellness programs are the right solution for you. They bring a host of benefits that are designed to make your employee wellness programs a smooth and hassle free process. With focus on helping you improve your corporate wellness the eKincare programs are ‘tailor made’ to suit organizational requirements.

For more information click here –

Why I decided to download and start using this app :

Recently, I was witness to a difficult dilemma faced by a colleague of mine. This person had recently got transferred from Delhi to Chennai. His family members were still in Delhi and he stayed alone in Chennai. He had a history of high blood pressure and heart disease, so he always kept his medical files with him. But on one of his journeys back from home, he forgot his medical file at Delhi. Co-incidentally, on the next day itself, he developed high BP problem and had to consult the doctors but proper prescription of treatment was not possible without checking his previous medical records. Even the courier services couldn’t have transported his records within a few hours. Luckily, one of his relative in Delhi got the idea of scanning and sending the reports through e-mail, thus, he could be given proper treatment on time. But that was indeed a very cumbersome task.

If he had his records digitized and consolidated at one place which could be accessed from anywhere, he could have been saved from a lot of trouble and  he needn’t worry about always carrying his bulky files or about forgetting to carry them.

These days , with the rise of chronic diseases, regular body, dental and vision checks can help find problems before they start. With the help of this app, problems can be detected early and chances of treatment and cure are better.

So, make use of the opportunity to ensure good health for your own self, your family members and also your employees.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Datsun Redi-Go

I like visiting new places but I don’t like travelling; that is travelling in a plane, bus or train. I dislike flying and also hate the departure delays, airport lines and crowds at the stations. So, for visiting new places, the only means of transport left for me is my humble car.


I love going on road trips. Road trips provide me the flexibility of visiting a place according to my own time and wish, without the hassles of booking tickets and other inconveniences. I don’t even need to be away from the comforts of my home for too long. And, of course, I have the luxury of driving through the scenic remote areas with eye-catching views where I can sit for hours simply admiring the natural beauty.


Over the years, my car has proved to be a steady companion for me on many of my road trips. But, now as my family and the circle of my friends is growing, I have been looking for a bigger car within my budget. After all, enjoying a road trip with family and like- minded friends, doubles the fun.


So, the announcement of the launch of its latest car Datsun Redi-Go by Nissan has come at a very opportune moment. Redi-Go is India’s first ever urban cross. This new car is a unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback. It has already created quite a buzz in the car market. It is a car with the driving experience of a hatchback along with the ruggedness of a sports utility vehicle (SUV), priced between 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs.


The Redi-Go will compete with the Maruti 800 Alto, Eon from Hyundai motors and the Kwid from Renault India. The company has started pre-launch bookings for Redi-Go since May 1, 2016. Deliveries for the car will start from June 2016.16TDIindrhd_i2W015x


Dimensions of Datsun Redi-Go

Length 3,429 mm
Width 1,560 mm
Wheelbase 2,348 mm
Ground Clearance 185 mm
Turning Radius 4.73 m
Height 1,541 mm
Boot Space 222 litres


I am really excited to take a test drive of this car as I find most of its features really appealing. Specially these three:

1] Value for money:

The company statement mentioned that Redi-Go is powered by a fuel efficient 0.8 L (800 cc) three cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The car is expected to give a mileage of over 25Km per litre. This fuel economy is definitely wallet friendly. The shift indicator is easy to read and it displays the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance. The price of the car easily fits in the budget of middle class households looking for a car in this segment. With all its attractive features, this car is a very good option in this budget.

Price of Datsun Redi-Go in India

Variant Expected price (Ex-Showroom)
D Rs 2.5 Lakh
A Rs 2.70 Lakh
T Rs 3.2 Lakh
T option Rs 3.5 Lakh



2] Spacious and Stylish Interiors:

The tall body structure of the car gives comfortable space for both the front and rear passengers and the cabin looks very spacious. The high driving position and high structure enable the driver to be aware of the real road situation. The dashboard panel is stylish and very user friendly with a digital tachometer.  The drive computer displays the average mileage along with the fuel remaining. With seating for five, along with enough boot space the entire family can enjoy a ride together, very comfortably. The design and fabric of the car seats is of a high-end quality.


3] Superior Air-Conditioning

Air Conditioning of the car is of paramount importance in the scorching Indian summers. The air circulation in Redi-Go’s air conditioner is precisely calculated according to Indian weather conditions. This ensures that passengers inside the car are always comfortably cool, irrespective of the heat outside. Its 89cc compressor provides high cooling capacity. Even the rear seat occupants receive ample cooling through the optimally placed A/C vents. And in  Chennai, which has only two weather conditions throughout the year- hot and hotter, a good A/C system of a car is very significant, useful and appealing feature. The good cooling capacity is a major plus factor in the sultry and humid conditions here, where the A/C of most cars in this price range prove to be almost ineffective on hotter days.



The company has revealed that the car will be available in 5 colors- White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Grey.


The stylish exteriors of Redi-Go which give it a dynamic, sophisticated and premium look are also a great point of attraction for me. The car has features like day-time running LED lights, which were till now available only in high segment cars. The modern looks of the car make it stand out from other cars in this segment.16TDIindrhd_i2W057x


I would love to test the Redi-Go on the East Coast Road (ECR) en-route to Mahabalipuram where I often go on my spur-of-the moment weekend road trips. It is 40 kms from where I stay. I would test it for the comfort and easy maneuverability on the road.


The two unique features which make the car excellent to tackle Indian roads and drive away my driving blues on the city roads are also very important to mention:-


  1. First is the high ground clearance of 185 mm which is the best in this class of car segment. It helps to deal with the low obstacles one often encounters while driving on rough Indian roads.


  1. Second feature is the turning radius of just 4.73 m, which makes it suitable for the city use, where traffic is a perpetual menace. This factor of Datsun Redi-Go will serve as a boon while parking in crammed up spaces and on steep turns.


In my opinion, it is a very good car in this budget which provides complete value for money and is a good option both for those looking for a car in the entry level segment and for those looking for a second bigger car for the whole family to travel together.

With its features, it is the best car to buy for the daily office commute or for other purposes like road trips.


Nissan has 217 outlets in 165 cities, and 300 sales and service outlets by March 2017 are planned as the company understands well that giving good service after selling the car is very important.Datsun_i2_013X.jpg

Prospective customers can also book Redi-Go through, the online e-commerce platform. Pre-bookings can be done by paying Rs 5000. Datsun has also launched an app called ‘Datsun India App‘ to book the car and keep the interested buyers updated about latest information about the car.


So get ready to drive to your destination in your dream car- Datsun Redi-Go along with your entire family with confidence, enjoying your freedom while having complete fun.


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


Pic credit: Datsun India