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Zapstore: best shopping experience online

Shopping is a basic human need which serves in acquiring things that are needed for optimum chances of survival and existence. Generally, we tend to equate buying stuff with positive emotions. Thus we correlate buying new things with achieving happiness. Actually, the brain’s pleasure center gets activated and floods the brain with dopamine- the feel good chemical, at the very thought of getting something we want.

Making decisions is hard work! And our brains don’t like to work that hard all the time. So, we are more often attracted to simple and easy solutions. This explanation holds true even for our shopping behavior. When we are bombarded with too many choices of products with varying price ranges, we tend to become confused and are not able to decide what to buy. This is the reason, we looked to narrow down our search by relying on advice of friends and relatives traditionally when deciding what to buy. Thus, in conventional mode of shopping, word of mouth is what people relied on most of the time to make purchasing decisions.

In the digital age we live in, we prefer to shop online at the various e-commerce websites available these days owing to the convenience, time saving, comfort, money saving , discount deals and  the variety of products these portals provide. But sometimes we just get overwhelmed with the options available and want to compare the price and quality being offered at the different sites to get the best value for the money we are spending, before finalising our purchase.

Zapstore provides  a perfect solution for this dilemma of ours. It is a one stop shop for all our shopping needs with a social network of users as its main base. These users select products which they find good in all aspects of quality and pricing from different sites like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal etc and add them to their individual stores on zapstore. Other users can select from this list of curated products which they like and get the best deal or they can add their own products as well, by opening their own account on zapstore. Thus consumer gets the option to buy the product at the lowest price available at different online sellers of the product.

The hand picked products offer the best deals as the options are narrowed down from thousands of choices available, as users carefully select the best out of the rest. Now, we can just finalise our purchase from these best ones by comparing prices and features from all stores at one place easily. This is thus a single platform for all the best products online which makes shopping a fun and enjoyable experience by satisfying all the needs of the consumers by just a click of finger.

You can open your own zapstore at this site and add your chosen products and become the #BestZapCurator youself easily. An account can be opened on zapstore very quickly by following the instructions given for guidance. Then one has to select few main categories of products one is interested in purchasing. click the save option once you have chosen the categories. An update box will appear in which you have to copy and paste the url links from other e-commerce sites from where you have selected a certain product. Then click the update button. This product is thus added to your individual zapstore. There are bonus points added to user’s account under fulfillment of certain conditions. For more info you can  Check out my zapstore here-https://zapstore.com/s/Pearl

After opening my account, i selected these products which i had been planning to buy :

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  1. Apple iPhone 6: this was available at discounted price of Rs. 38,479 and the features it offers like it’s power efficiency, advanced ios 8 and a large and superior 11.93 cm high definition retina display screen, were the reasons i selected this phone. It ensures high speed and power packed performance with M8 motion co processor, which makes it a great choice to watch videos or play multimedia games. Large amount of data can be stored as it has 16GB internal memory, so no need to constantly shift pictures, videos and data files elsewhere. The 8 megapixel camera is a boon for users like me who love photography but don’t like  taking the cumbersome cameras along . The feature of optical image stabilization technology provided is found in high end cameras, this also results in blur free photographs.
  2. Fostelo Beige PU shoulder bag: it seems a nice, durable product and is completely worth the price  of Rs.594 as it is stylish. This bag can be taken to work daily or can be carried on weekends out with friends. It reflects the latest trend.
  3. Fostelo Brown shoulder bag: this bag is also available at a good bargain price at Rs. 594. It combines rich polyurethane like finishing with fine attention to detail. The bag is made of good quality material and has polycotton linings with inside  zippers and back zipper pocket. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year on manufacturing defects.
  4. Luck Jewelry white alloy kundan necklace set: this is available at a discount of 50% at Rs.3,122. Kundan is an art of making jewelry which was fostered in India by Mughals but it is as popular and cherished today.
  5. Sewad antique gold plated necklace set: this comes at a discount of 40% at  Rs.1,019. It is traditional in design and looks very pretty, chic and classic.
  6. Brand new blackberr  z3: this phone i selected as a gift to my nephew who is looking forward to get his first phone as gift for his good performance in high school exams. This phone has good features available at price of Rs.6192 .
  7. Capture new

Loads of other products and deals are there on zapstore to check out and grab. So, get going and enjoy a wonderful and joyous shopping experience which your wallet will love as well !

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.