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Each Breath we take is a miracle in itself. To experience a miracle, we don’t need to walk on water or fly in air. The real miracle is with us- the breath we take. Each moment of our lives, we can feel the wonder of being alive.

How wondrous breath is. BREATH IS LIFE !

Pay attention, be aware of and feel the gratitude for each breath you take. This will clear your mind like a calm river.

Inhalation and exhalation of breath is breathing.

How amazing is the system which governs our breathing mechanism. It almost happens unconsciously without any effort. BUT we all know how important breathing is!

Technically, it is important as our cells constantly need new supply of oxygen to produce energy which is supplied through breathing only. Without oxygen, cell damage and cell death will occur.

This is the one threshold which divides between BEING and NON-BEING, between existing and non-existing.

The way we breathe effects a lot of our conditions-our health, our emotions, our immune systems and state of mind.


Have you noticed, how your breathing becomes fast and heavy when you are scared or highly stressed.

According to scientific research, our breathing pattern impacts our health in innumerable ways. Some are-

  • Shallow breathing leads to lower oxygen levels in the body, which results in increased inflammation, reduced immunity and higher anxiety. It can also impair brain function as brain needs more oxygen compared to other major organs.
  • Shortness of breath and heart diseases are linked.
  • Poor breathing can lead to sleep problems and high blood pressure.
  • 5 breaths per resting minute is a parameter for good health.

So, focus on breathing in a natural, calm way to achieve optimal health.

Stay Healthy !  Stay Happy !



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Vibrant Evening Sky

Photo challenge :

This week, share a photo of something vibrant. Vivid colors, a lively portrait, or perhaps a delightfully colorful landscape, if you’re in a warmer climate. Let’s wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.




Enchanting beauty of nature !  vibrant it is…

I captured this shot from my terrace one evening, just before sunset.




Three Day Quote Challenge-Day 3


Quotes are like mini books. A few lines convey lot of information and sometimes it is very profound.





Every one in the world is seeking happiness but it seems to be ever elusive. Are we looking for it in the wrong places and directions? OR Is it that we are confusing happiness with pleasure?

In this day and age when hype and hypocrisy are almost the norm, most often we look for instant gratification. We assume that it will make us happy. We look for constant external stimulation to keep us in perpetual state of happiness and feel overjoyed by the external gratification we receive.  BUT this feeling is short-lived,temporary. We get engulfed and entangled in the ever expanding web of negative pride, false flattery, become trapped in our false identities and exhaust ourselves in the rat race.

And that leads us to the burning question : what causes this?

Most often the problem is the subliminal messages-the mainstream media, the wider culture, society and the marketers beam into our psyche. We become victims of borrowed perceptions. We start believing the fake claims that are made although they are false, contrived and manipulated.  

We live in an overwhelmed world with more than we can handle. We soon become aware of the imperfections of the material world we inhabit.

Let us stop for a few moments, to consider and reflect ! To cast aside illusions and get to the heart of reality. True happiness lies in the satisfaction when we are connected to our inner core, when we are in total sync with our true nature; we have to look within us and ponder deeply. External gratification is only an” Escape Mechanism” from the dissatisfaction and confusion in the deeper recesses of our mind, and that is no match for true happiness.

Let us find some middle ground which is not too idealistic for the real world and search for our corner of eternal, long lasting happiness. I am sure it lies somewhere within each one of us. To recount my own experience, i have had short glimpses of this nectar, at times, during meditations…when time almost stands still, it is a blissful state and i am consciously aware of that moment. I long to revisit that experience again and again…it is so intense. May be this is the stuff which qualifies as true happiness. I am still working my way towards it !


What do you think ?  What have your experiences been ? I’m  really interested in knowing, please share !




The Rules Are:

  1.  Post three consecutive days.
  2.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.  Challenge three different bloggers per day.


Today,being the last day of the challenge i leave it open to all the bloggers who ever wish to take up this activity. I want to share this wonderful opportunity with all the bloggers in my list.

I sincerely thank Stella from giggles and tales for nominating me !

Dear bloggers- i hope you will take up and enjoy this activity.

Have fun and happy blogging 🙂


image courtesy : facebook (public domain)


Why Is It Important To Use Natural Beauty Products ?

Beauty is skin deep,as we all know.The methods followed for beauty enhancement and care should therefore be wholesome and harmless,then only will they have a long-lasting and enrichening effect.


As our skin is our largest organ,what products we use on our skin makes a whole lot of difference.The best way to ensure this is avoid chemicals and go natural in our beauty regimen.Top reasons to switch over to natural products are:-

1.) Most of the products in the market contain loads of synthetic chemicals in them,which can cause allergic reaction like redness,spotting,flaking,itching on topical application .In the long run,these chemicals can even lead to the deterioration of skin health and texture causing early aging of skin.


2.) As the skin acts like a sponge,a substantial amount of whatever is applied on the skin is absorbed and reaches the internal systems of the body.The harmful chemicals in the cosmetic products can thus cause adverse effect on the body functions and hamper in its smooth functioning .Long term effects could be certain dangerous diseases as the side effects of chemicals like parabans and minerals.

3.)Latest research shows that lot of skin care and beauty products like soaps,shampoos,lipsticks,eyeliners,face creams etc contain substances which have not been approved by the health regulatory bodies for human use and consumption.Proper continuous research on  these substances for several years can only confirm their safety for humans.Before that is carried out,using these substances is equivalent to taking huge risk with your health and well-being.Screenshot_2015-11-14-00-43-52-1

4.)Natural products are safe and cost effective.These have been used since ages and carry wisdom and real user experience  of several years and centuries.Their effect is also quite noticeable and long lasting.The methods have been altered and changed to impart the most beneficial outcomes for human race.These are easily available and can also be made using ingredients at home ,then why spend on expensive lotions and packs which can be potentially harmful too.

Go natural ! It is better to be safe than sorry.Using natural products is the safest,most effective and pocket friendly way.

Note: pic courtesy-pixabay