Abandoned Warehouse and the Chosen One- part 2



Read  Part 1  here.


“How are you feeling now?” asked  Victor after we reached our hostel.

I couldn’t think of anything else other than the rendezvous with the aliens. The box was full of computer peripherals. There was a capsule tugged safely in a corner. Some uncontrollable force made me take that capsule instantly. The next thing I knew, i had  a horrible pain in my head which knocked me off.


Soon, I was able to feel the machines around me. I could feel a connection with them. I could control them. Driving back home, I was using this ability. Right now, I was checking  everyone’s devices for traces of any info on those aliens.


I couldn’t find anything. I could feel a little restlessness  inside me. Was it because of my newly gained powers?

Joel switched on the television and the first words that we heard were-

‘Tech giant Dave Wilson brutally killed in a horrific blast while in his home. The cops haven’t ruled out foul play, but the prime causes might be faulty wiring and short circuit in the electrical wiring of the house.’


I was damn tired, and this news didn’t do me any good. I walked outside to get some fresh air; only to get knocked hard on the head.


When i woke up, i found myself lying in front of a big bulky person.

“So, you have the ability within you. Let me teach you something” He said, which was follow ed by 2 drones zeroing in towards me.


I closed my eyes, but still i could feel the mechanics  inside the drones. A graph like map filled my mind; and the time slowed down. I could hear a faint beating of a drum broken  by long  intervals in my mind. Everything was happening in slow-mo.


I controlled their receivers, swapped them up, shut their controllers out, u-turned them and made them charge towards the bulky guy.


The graph on my mental screen went off just when I wanted it to. The drum beat faded as well; returning to normal time speed.


To be continued.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Warehouse and the Chosen One- part 2

  1. Gastradamus

    You had me at hello with the picture, so where can i find the first part of the story? My stories may not be as long as yours but they are still good reads. If you have the chance, let us know at Gastradamus, what you think of “The Bald and the Brestless”.



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