Each Breath we take is a miracle in itself. To experience a miracle, we don’t need to walk on water or fly in air. The real miracle is with us- the breath we take. Each moment of our lives, we can feel the wonder of being alive.

How wondrous breath is. BREATH IS LIFE !

Pay attention, be aware of and feel the gratitude for each breath you take. This will clear your mind like a calm river.

Inhalation and exhalation of breath is breathing.

How amazing is the system which governs our breathing mechanism. It almost happens unconsciously without any effort. BUT we all know how important breathing is!

Technically, it is important as our cells constantly need new supply of oxygen to produce energy which is supplied through breathing only. Without oxygen, cell damage and cell death will occur.

This is the one threshold which divides between BEING and NON-BEING, between existing and non-existing.

The way we breathe effects a lot of our conditions-our health, our emotions, our immune systems and state of mind.


Have you noticed, how your breathing becomes fast and heavy when you are scared or highly stressed.

According to scientific research, our breathing pattern impacts our health in innumerable ways. Some are-

  • Shallow breathing leads to lower oxygen levels in the body, which results in increased inflammation, reduced immunity and higher anxiety. It can also impair brain function as brain needs more oxygen compared to other major organs.
  • Shortness of breath and heart diseases are linked.
  • Poor breathing can lead to sleep problems and high blood pressure.
  • 5 breaths per resting minute is a parameter for good health.

So, focus on breathing in a natural, calm way to achieve optimal health.

Stay Healthy !  Stay Happy !



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13 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. Sha'Tara

    How many times in life we get into a scary or tight situation and we say to ourselves, “OK, take a deep breath, stop, breathe again, let your mind focus.” And inevitably a solution presents itself. Always has for me anyway. Deep, conscious, deliberate breathing is definitely a conduit to health; certainly leads away from stress.

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    1. writeintent1 Post author

      Thanks for your comment and adding your valuable insight. This is exactly what I also wanted to convey…you have articulated perfectly. I truly appreciate your contribution 🙂


  2. simpledimple

    Great post! I love this part – “This is the one threshold which divides between BEING and NON-BEING, between existing and non-existing”. Without breath, we cease to grow. we cease to live, life dies!

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    1. writeintent1 Post author

      Thanks George for sharing your views. Breath is the essence of the soul…this is really interesting. Please elaborate on this, if you wish . I would love to understand this more deeply. Thanks again 🙂

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  3. Gastradamus

    Thats a interesting take on life. Whats that in the pictures? is that makeup? Very good with combining pics and words at this blog. I see that simpledimple commented on your work. She really is a great writer. Anyway if you have the time, we would really appreciate your input on a few of the stories we have at Gastradamus. Take it easy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. writeintent1 Post author

      Thanks for your visit and appreciation. Yes, the image on the home page is makeup. I choose it because of myriad shades and hues it contains just like our life. You are absolutely right simpledimple is an amazing and very talented writer. I am surely going to read the stories at your blog as soon as possible. Thanks again 🙂


      1. Gastradamus

        You must check out, The bald and the brestless, the one about servers is also really good. Your comments would really mean a lot to Gastradamus.


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