If I Could Turn Back Time

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why? #DailyPrompt


Some moments become the most positive influence in our life which we want to revisit again and again.We cherish the lessons and gifts these moments brought us- forever.


Sometimes unfounded fears are the reasons which stop us from taking those chances that you lament later and revisit those moments once in a while .


We fail to understand why certain events happened the way they did.We  tend to analyze and over-analyze them looking for some plausible conclusions and reasons even after decades have passed by.







Was it all really so beautiful as we visualize it in our mind’s eye after ages or is it so only in the illusions we build as a result of filtering mechanism applied to our stock of memories .


As we grow and become more mature,we are armed with new understanding of issues providing us new view-points.Then, are our interpretations about the past accurate and exact or influenced by selective perceptual defense mechanism.Thus presenting before us the rosy visions we want to imagine?

Perhaps yes ; Perhaps no!

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If I Could Turn Back Time



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  2. stacilys

    Great post. I am a big believer that pain and suffering can cause amazing growth if we let it. We can choose to see our events as lessons that are there to shape us and form our character, or we can complain and curse our experiences.
    My childhood and adolescence were very trying times in my life. There I went through the wringer during my 20s. My 30s were a lot more relaxed, although I had to suffer the consequences of life happenings. Now I have never been more content in my life. I’m sure there is still much more to learn, but I think I’ve learned some pretty tough lessons, although they are few.
    Thanks for this though-provoking post.

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    1. writeintent1 Post author

      Thanks Stacie ! I am glad u liked the post 🙂 actually it is based on my own intense personal experiences in life.
      I have also struggled a lot in my life since my childhood days..more so in the emotional sphere.You are absolutely right in saying that suffering causes growth if taken in the correct spirit.After starting my journey on the spiritual path n learning a bit from esoteric sciences, I have realized that hardships are a means of spiritual evolution n come to teach our soul, the lessons it needs to learn in order to progress in its eternal journey towards the supreme consciousness.
      Now I can understand a lot of “why’s” of a lot of “what’s” that happened in my life.

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